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Uncle Omlet is on a journey to expand its culinary horizons, and we’re on the lookout for passionate and exceptional franchise partners to join our family. 

Our journey began 35 years ago on the vibrant streets of Vadodara, and today, we’re proud to bring the world’s most iconic taste to your plate right here in Canada.

Whether your customers are devout omelet enthusiasts, veggie lovers, or craving a hearty meaty meal, Uncle Omlet caters to all palates. We take pride in offering a diverse menu that ensures every guest finds their perfect omelet. At Uncle Omlet, our mission is clear: to provide not just exquisite flavors but also unparalleled customer satisfaction.

Join the Uncle Omlet family and embark on a journey that’s all about flavor, quality, and customer-centric service.


Serving The Needs Of Today & Tomorrow

Our Locations


2720 N Park Dr #61,

Brampton, L6S 0E9


1771 Albion Rd,

Etobicoke, M9W 5W8

Why Uncle Omlet?


Every omelet is made fresh, satisfying diverse tastes.

Digital Dining

Seamlessly blend quality and efficiency with our digital platform.

All-Ages Dining

From families to colleagues, discover egg delights for everyone.

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